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A chess board, with the black king lying on its side. The game is over and one of the players has given up

How often does victory now escape you because you regularly defeat yourself before you’ve even started?

A stop sign, preventing progress and stopping you from moving forwardsSuccess is a strange thing. It can be something we crave, and it can be something that we routinely achieve. Alternatively, it is sometimes something that eludes us, leaving us feeling frustrated. And, of course, there are those occasions when what initially feels like defeat is actually a victory in disguise. The reality is that many of our defeats are the result of us giving up, and some of us give up before we’ve even taken the first step. So, ask yourself: how often does victory now escape you because you regularly defeat yourself before you’ve even started?

We can have the greatest of ideas. Those ideas may take the form of a plan which is both exciting and compelling. And then nothing happens. We somehow talk ourselves out of taking action. We’re very good at doing this. We’re not bright enough. People like us don’t have this kind of success and future. We limit ourselves and our world. Consequently, we live in an ever-decreasing world, our beliefs limiting our options and choices. From the outside looking in, our inaction perplexes others as they are aware of the opportunities that we allow to pass us by.

Seven doors, all on the same wall. Six are grey and one is red. Which one to do you choose?The accumulation of bad experiences restricts us. We allow the memory of bad emotional experiences to impact on our choices. Limiting beliefs, formed at any time, hold us back. It gets to the point where we simply fail to see what’s out there and what could lead us to a better, brighter future.

We let this happen with mistaken reasons linked to keeping ourselves safe. At times we blame others, wishing we could hold them to account for how their behaviour has affected us. As if that would make any difference.

A signpost pointing to multiple cities across the world with the distance to travel to get there.What now? Firstly, ask yourself if you recognise and understand how you are limiting yourself. Secondly, consider what might happen if you suddenly found yourself open to new possibilities and choices. Just imagine what you want to do next. Finally, make it happen and do it now.

If you know what to do to take the next step, do it now. If you’re not sure, book an initial consultation here, and then take the next step. You know that you can do it, and you know that it make sense, don’t you?

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