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Coaching Podcast from Not A Blue Tree.


The Coaching from Not A Blue Tree podcast is about coaching, the many coaching techniques, and the areas where coaching can help. In each episode I explore either a general aspect of coaching, and this includes techniques and topics which I use in any coaching situation, or a specific area where I use coaching to assist clients make and achieve the change they want to be.


Coaching from Not A Blue Tree
Coaching from Not A Blue Tree

This podcast explores the many facets of coaching, how the many and varied coaching tools work, how a range of techniques can help overcome barriers to success, and how the multiple areas and challenges of life can benefit from coaching.

If you’re undergoing a mid-life crisis, what do you want to do? Stop it now, or do it well and enjoy it?
byGary Burns

In this episode I talk about the very real turmoil, for some, of the mid-life crisis. It really is a thing which some don't experience at all, while others go through serious distress and confusion. I therefore explore some of the ways of exploring all that's going on, learning to take stock, and work out what's working and what could be working better. It's then about deciding next steps, which includes the possibility of changing everything and the possibility of changing nothing now with at least an understand of what the future can hold.