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All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.

Introduction to Hypnosis.

A tree, shaped by the elements, on a quiet woodland pathUsing hypnosis for change unlocks the power of the unconscious mind, facilitating lasting change in thoughts and action. It bypasses conscious challenges, allowing direct engagement with unwanted learned behaviours. It is, if you like, a dialogue with our unconscious mind. This approach enhances the likelihood and longevity of change, empowering you with greater choice and options as you move into a new model of the world.

What is hypnosis?

A silhouette of a figure facing towards a surreal sun and sky. There is an etherial atmosphere, an altered reality.

Hypnosis is simply a changed state of consciousness. It’s the state you experience just as you wake up or something transfixes you on the TV or at the cinema. Similarly, it’s that state you feel during meditation or mindfulness. It’s a natural state, which you enter if you follow the hypnotist’s instructions. This trance state enables direct communication with the unconscious mind, engaging with its huge potential for lasting change. Importantly, you retain full control throughout the process and the power is always yours.

Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis complements the work you are undertaking in coaching sessions, reinforcing the positive learnings and progress. Additionally, we use it to build on motivation.

As a stand-alone intervention, it is good for dealing with anxiety and addiction to substances. However, in these cases it very much depends on how entrenched the unwanted behaviour is. This is, of course, something we’d discuss in an initial consultation, which you can book here.

Additionally, hypnosis is also another tool for relaxation, taking you into a restful trance which we can also extend to improve sleep. Whatever the issue, hypnosis can increase your ability to succeed and make the changes that you want to make. As a result of this, you  move from your current reality into a new model of the world. And you know that you want that, don’t you?

Try it Now - A Hypnosis Demo

The recording, lasting about 17 minutes, gives you an idea of what hypnosis is like. Firstly, make sure that you are sitting somewhere comfortable and where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Additionally, if you can stop calls and people from distracting you, even better.