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About Me.

About Me - Gary Burns

Gary Burns - Coach, Hypnotist, and TrainerMy names is Gary Burns. I am a coach, hypnotist, and trainer. I am passionate about supporting people as they embark on change. My mission statement underpins all the work that I do, and it reflects many of my core beliefs and values.

I have worked with people in a range of settings for over 30 years. All the people I have worked with have been seeking change, taking their lives to the next level and aiming for where they want to be.

I am a trainer of NLP and hypnosis, a Certified Practitioner of NLP Coaching, a Master NLP Practitioner, a Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner, and a Master Hypnotherapist

My Mission Statement

I hold a profound belief that everyone is capable of change and with the right support at the right time everyone can achieve their goals.
I am committed to supporting people to make those changes.
I fully respect the diverse nature and value the unique challenges of everyone with whom I work.

Professional Registration.

I am registered with the American Board of NLP Practitioners, the Time Line Therapy™ Association, and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.​ I subscribe to their respective codes of ethics.


I hold professional and public liability insurance, which my clients may inspect on request.