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A junction with a roundabout, somewhere in the countryside. The ground is dry and there are a few trees. When you get to a roundabout, you have choices about which direction to take. Which direction are you taking?

Is it ever too late to change, or is every day the chance of a new beginning?

One of the joys of coaching is that I get to work with people who want to change. Some want to make fundamental changes to their lives. Others are looking for improvements in specific areas. For a few it’s all about small steps. And from time to time I coach people who are wiping the slate clean and starting again. This has got me wondering. Is it ever too late to change, or is every day the chance of a new beginning?

A bike, stuck in the ground. No-one is in sight. How stuck are you?I’ve met people who talk about doing things in life by a certain age. Similarly, I’ve heard comments about people being too old, too stuck in their ways to change. Sometimes, people discuss getting things done before, for example, they’re 20 or 60. It can almost feel like there’s some sort of script for life. We do this by 30, that by 40, and if you haven’t done the other by 50, the time has passed.

A person holding a single red balloon. Are they holding on or are they letting go? Is this you? What are you holding on to? Are you ready to let go?There is also a recurring suggestion that change is harder as you get older. I think that this is utter nonsense. In my view, we get very set in our ways, we like our routines, and we enjoy that sense of security. I seriously wonder if the challenge of change is not so much about enacting the change and more about letting go of what we know and do.

The other aspect of change is then wondering who we become if we make the changes. I was once on a course and a fellow delegate commented on all the changes he wanted to make. His one reservation was that if he changed, “who the fuck am I?”. It’s a good point. As we change, our circle of control changes. Our circle of influence changes. We see new opportunities and choices. Will our existing circle of friends keep up and come along for the ride?

There are three paragliders flying through the air. They are backlit by a bright sun. They've taken a leap of faith. Can you?You have a choice. Firstly, if you think it’s too late and you’re happy with life, carry on. Alternatively, if, however, you think that life could be better, now is the time to take action. If you can do it, do it now. If you’re not sure, book an initial consultation here, and then take the next step. You know that you can do it, don’t you?

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