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Tombstones in a graveyard, because death comes to us all eventually.

Death comes to us all eventually. What are you doing now to secure the eulogy that you want?

It’s a sobering and undeniable fact. We are all going to die eventually. On a personal level my aim is to live as long as possible. Ideally, I want to die with my boots on, frustrated by the realisation in those final moments that I have unfinished plans. And I genuinely hope that your life I what you want it to be. The question then is what your legacy is. Obviously, you know that death comes to us all eventually. What are you doing now to secure the eulogy that you want?

Young people, covered in multicoloured dye, celebrating life.They say that you’re not supposed to talk ill of the dead. Personally, again, it might be a better ambition to lead a life where there is no ill to talk about. I know that’s a tall order, and not everyone is going to like or value us. However, it would be good to know that our eulogy is full of all of our positive qualities as a person. Similarly, it would be lovely to think of people waxing lyrical about all that we did in life. Ideally, they’d be talking about our adventures, big and small.

That’s all great, and none of them are a given. We have to work on our positive qualities. If we want people to wax lyrical about all that we did in life, we need to be out there living a life. Consequently, people can only talk about our adventures if we actually plan them and make them happen.

A rustic key in an old lock, which is fitted to faded red woodAnd there it is. The key. The way forward. Firstly it’s all about the planning. Secondly, it’s about taking action. Finally, it’s about repetition to install those positive habits and behaviours.

Make the plans and make them positive, all about what you want. Decide when to take action. It’s OK to make plans for now and it’s just as good to make plans that start at a later time. With the plan in place your unconscious mind, the goal-getter, can start to take action. It brings into your awareness routes to success which may otherwise have passed you by. If you want to install positive behaviours and attitudes, work on it. Repetition is the route to success.

A signpost on a mountain pass, with mountains in the background, some of them with snow at the top. The signs are pointing to all the options.Of course, if you just don’t care, carry on doing what your doing. Let life that continues beyond you sort itself out. Alternatively, if you want to take action and know what to do, do it now. If you’re not sure, book an initial consultation here, and then take the next step. You know that you can do it, and you know that it makes sense, don’t you?

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