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You can fail to use all of your potential, or you can trust the power of hypnosis. What’s it to be?

There are lots of misconceptions about hypnosis. You suddenly lose your free will and become subject to the power of the hypnotist. Some think that only the gullible can be hypnotised. Others suggest that it’s only for the weak-minded. And the list goes on. The reality is that you’re always in control and all that the hypnotist is doing is tapping into your natural states and innate power. So, you have a choice. You can fail to use all of your potential, or you can trust the power of hypnosis. What’s it to be?

Two people driving, with a view of the road ahead.If we’re working together and I suggest using hypnosis, all that I am asking you to do is to go into a trance state. The trance state is perfectly natural and a state that we enter routinely and comfortably. It’s that state of being half awake and not quite asleep. Similarly, it’s the state that you experience when you’re so engrossed in something that everything else just ceases to exist. Additionally, it’s that state you’ve had when you’re driving and you suddenly wonder how you got to where you are.

A view through a telephoto lens. The scene of a path and tree is in focus through the lens. The hand holding the lens is blurred.When you’re in the trance state, your conscious mind, with all of its logical and rationality, quietens. Consequently, this allows your unconscious mind, with all of its power, to take over, managing multiple tasks and allowing you to freely access all of your resources. In this state, your unconscious mind can contemplate suggestions and ideas, which consciously you might otherwise dismiss outright or question endlessly.

Of course, just because you’re contemplating and idea or a suggestion, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it. You’ll only do what you want to do. Always. You remain in control and you make the decisions. Crucially, if your unconscious mind decides that it’s not for you, that’s it.

The uncontrolled power of waves breaking against rocks.However, some carefully worded suggestions, working with all that you have previously said, can be the difference that leads to success. By working with the power of the unconscious mind, its huge capacity to process and problem-solve, you suddenly open up a world of choices, opportunities, and routes to success. Just imagine how that feels!

If you can do it, do it now. If you’re not sure, book an initial consultation here and then take the next step. You know that you can do it, and you know that it makes sense, don’t you?

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