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A room in an abandoned building, with nothing started and no evidence of change

As you think about the exciting and compelling future that you want now, how often are you giving up before you’ve even properly started?

A woman sitting on some rocks beside the sea. The sun is shining and she is daydreaming.I’m fairly confident that we all, at times, think about things we’d like to do and have. Those fleeting daydreams of a better future. We allow our imaginations to run a little bit wild. And then we turn back to reality. The dreams, the aspirations, the hopes, all gone in an instant. All too frequently, we actually give up before starting.

Of course, some of those thoughts really will be just a fantasy. However, many of them will feel like they’re with the realms of possibility, yet just a step too far. We therefore dismiss them, parking them with a “one day I’ll…”, that fateful place where dreams go to fade and die.

A pile of chain with a padlock keeping the chain in place. The key, though, is in the padlock, and all it takes is a single turn.Consequently, I find myself wondering how we allow ourselves to be so easily dissuaded from making changes. That wondering doesn’t last long. We give up because we can. Change can be scary and it overwhelms us. Additionally, for some of us we lack the belief that we can actually make it happen. As a consequence, we tell ourselves that we’re not good enough, deserving enough, worthy enough. This, in turn, leads us to go through well-rehearsed rituals in which we berate our inadequacy. We can do this very well.

Further to this, it becomes easy to look at those around us and take almost concealed satisfaction from their faltering attempts to make changes. Interestingly, it’s a recurring theme when people attempt to address their addiction issues. Suddenly, those supportive friends become the harshest critics, deriding your ability to and reasons for change. Of course, this is their own insecurities coming into play. If you can change, it means they can too, yet you’re making changes, and they’re not.

And a final point. We are oftentimes put off making changes because there seems to be a pressure to do it all, and do it now. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A picture of a compass on a map, showing the direction to take.Firstly, you can always take those dreams, hopes, and aspirations, and turn them into more specific outcomes. Having clarity and focus means we have clarity and focus. It doesn’t mean we have to take action now. Secondly, we can put a timeframe on those ideas. Some may be sooner and some may be later. It’s not important. It does, though, get our unconscious mind on the job, looking for opportunities and openings, which move us one step closer to where we want to be.

Ultimately, by turning those imaginations into a planned reality, we give ourselves direction and purpose. Instead of daydreaming about a better future, we’re suddenly thinking about the next step and how to make it happen. Just imagine!

If you get the idea, and know how to turn the idea into something which gives you focus and direction, get on and do it. If you’re not sure and want some help, book an initial consultation here, and take the next step. You know that it makes sense, don’t you?

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