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A graphic showing the wheel of life and the six aspects: career, relationships, family, health & fitness, personal growth & development, and renewal.

The wheel of life: is your life now the life you want it to be, or are you asking yourself what you want to do to make it better?

Some of my clients approach me with specific ideas of what they want to achieve. They need support in working out how to make the idea become their new reality. Others are less sure. They are sure that life could be better and they’re looking for clarity on what they can do to make it so. And this is where the wheel of life provides so much for what is a very simple concept.

The six areas in the wheel encompass most if not all aspects of life. The first question is about how satisfied you are with each area. Scoring on a scale from 0 to 10, the higher the score the more satisfied you are. It’s that simple. And it’s important to focus on satisfaction only.

Once you’ve done that, you first get a sense of how balanced life is – are you more satisfied with some areas? What’s the reason for this? You can then ask yourself what you want to do to increase those scores. All you have to think about at this point is what you can do to make life better. That’s to say, we’re looking for are some general ideas about what you could do to make each aspect of life better.

Finally, it’s worth eliciting values for each area. Ask yourself what’s important. Remember, though, that these are values so you want your list to be free from actions and things. As you formulate your lists of values, ask yourself if your life is currently allowing you to meet and fulfil those values. If it’s not, it probably shows the reasons that you feel that life could be better. It also provides a focus for additional thoughts around what needs to change.

So, you have satisfaction scores. You have some loosely framed goals around what would improve those scores. You have your lists of values. You can see if the life you’re currently living aligns with your values. This, in turn, helps you formulate further ideas for what could make life better. What now? If you’ve already formulated a plan, make it happen. If you’re not sure, book an initial consultation here, and we can discuss next steps. And you know that life really can be differently, don’t you?

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