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A old car, which is falling apart, stuck in the middle of a field.

One day you’re young with a whole life ahead of you. And suddenly you’re stuck in a life which isn’t working.

A busy city centre scene, with lots of people, a mix of new and old buildings and a red bus passing throughI’m currently doing a couple of courses, both of which involve a bus ride from central Manchester and pass through the university area. It is, of course, packed with students. Adult life for most of them is just beginning, and university is the first step towards the life that they want for themselves. I vaguely recall my late teens and early twenties. Everything seems possible, with endless energy, and the world at your feet. Seeing all of those students reminds me of those times. Crucially, I feel very fortunate. My life has taken many turns, and I marvel at how I got to where I am today. Every day is still an adventure. Is it the same for you? Or is it that realisation that one day you’re young with a whole life ahead of you, and suddenly you’re stuck in a life which isn’t working?

A pen laying on a notebook with several crumpled sheets in the background.I’ll be honest. I’ve not always made the best decisions. Sometimes, I’ve been a little too impetuous. Occasionally, I’ve realised a bit too late that the seemingly good decision was anything but. However, life is good. Life overall has always been good. And I know that when it’s anything but good I have the intelligence and ability to get it all back on track.

Not everyone is in the same position. Some soldier on, ignoring the signs. Others sink into depression and addiction, ignoring the signs. People become angry, blaming others and ignoring what is really happening.

There are, though, some who realise that there is another way. Because, of course, there is always another way. When you suddenly become aware that you’re stuck, that life is not what you want, it can become an opportunity.

A person atop a hill, contemplating the view which includes clouds floating above the landscapeI talk a lot about taking a step back and taking stock. What’s working and what could be working better? Establish what you want to do to make sure that what’s working continues to work. Consider what you can do now to improve what could be working better. Contemplate what you can do in the future to improve what could be working better. Remember, it’s OK to make plans now that you intend to initiate in the future.

If you know what to do, do it now. If you’re not sure, book a free consultation here, and then take the next step. You know that it makes sense, and you know that you can do it, don’t you?

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