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A couple walking in a park in autumn

We’re all supposed to aim for more steps today. Are you moving forward now, or are you stuck and unable to start?

The Living Streets logoToday is the start of National Walking Month. The aim, of course, is to get us all walking more, moving forward. Indeed, the ideal would be for us all to walk as much as possible. And the charity, Living Streets, advocates for just that; living streets, which make walking both feasible and pleasurable. And it would make sense for this to happen given the benefits to our physical and mental health of walking.

We are, it is said, supposed to walk 10,000 steps each day although it seems that 7,500 is enough to reap all the benefits, and any steps are better than none at all. The recommended number of steps leads to improved cardiovascular fitness, it’s good for our bones and muscles, it helps us lose body fat and maintain a healthy weight, it increases our energy levels, our mood, our thinking skills, our memory, and our sleep, it boosts the immune system, it reduces stress, and it helps prevent or manage a number of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and cancer. Walking is, it would appear, the gift that keeps on giving.

There are, though, challenges to walking. Many if not most of our outdoor spaces are designed for the car, with busy roads and narrow pavements. Not everyone has a nearby park or access to the countryside. Not all of us have the physical capacity to walk any noticeable distance. And, if we’re honest, many of us struggle to prioritise the time. This is probably the crux of the issue. We know the benefits of doing it yet we lack the motivation to make it happen.

A key with clock in itIt is a metaphor for any change. We recognise the advantages of change and all that we stand to gain. However, we lack the motivation or the belief or sight of a starting point, and nothing changes. So, if this is you and you know what to do next, do it. If you’re not sure and need assistance, contact me here to book an initial consultation where you discuss your next steps. Literally. And you know that it makes sense, don’t you?

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