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Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and routine has robustly returned. How were the festivities for you?

A lone figure walking through a partially lit empty carpark at nightChristmas and New Year are times that some people love, some loathe, and some go to great lengths to avoid. You may have had an amazing time. Alternatively, you may be relieved that normality, whatever that is for you, has returned. It’s possible that some of you were with friends and family. I know that some worked over Christmas and New Year. And, of course, some will have been alone, possibly through choice, and possibly not. That said, whatever were doing, Christmas and New Year have been and gone, and routine has robustly returned. How were the festivities for you?

hands on top of each otherAs with everything in life, it’s what you do with it that counts. You may not have done what you wanted, and I’ll come on to that in a moment. The reality is, though, that you are in charge of how you react, behave, and feel. And as soon as you know that it’s a choice, it puts you in charge. Christmas and New Year may not have been the days that you wanted. You, however, had the choice to make them the best days yet. Easier said than done at times, I know.

A doctor, with a stethoscope around their neckNow is the time to think about how you got yourself to Christmas and New Year, and the days that you had. You may want to think about how you get the days that you want in 2024. You do, after all, have a whole year to plan for it.

So, as you sit there, just start the sentence, “It’s 25 December 2024 and I…” or, “It’s Christmas 2024 with New Year to follow and I…”. How does that sentence continue in a way which is exciting and compelling? It may be that there are changes you want to make to what you’re having and doing. Alternatively, you may work out that you need to change what you think and feel. Possibly it’s a combination of the two.

If you can, make that plan now. If you’re not sure, book a free consultation here, and then work out the next step. You know that you can do it and you know that it makes sense, don’t you?

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