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How exciting is your world when you discover the power of the unconscious mind and hypnosis to unlock the future that you want now?

The unconscious mind is hugely powerful, and it’s able to process over 10 million bits of information every second. In contrast, our conscious mind can only manage between 40 and 140 bits at any one time. We do all learning, behaviour and change at an unconscious level. If you doubt this, just think back to learning a skill like driving. You would have found this challenging and clunky when you first started and now you seemingly do the skill without thinking. The reality is that the behaviour has shifted from the conscious to the unconscious mind.

A group of people learning to rollerblade in a public square on a sunny day.We are conscious-minded. It is how we learn, it is how we do logical and rational thinking, and it’s the reason that we feel overwhelmed. It also explains why we find changing unwanted habits so hard. We store the now unwanted behaviour in the unconscious mind, so we do the habit without thinking. To change this, we have to reprogramme on an unconscious level, and we often give up in defeat when the task seems too much.

The internal workings of a watch, showing cogs and springs.You can, though, approach change very differently. Firstly, you do still need to know what you want to change and what new behaviour you want to have. Secondly, you have to want this as part of an exciting and compelling future. Of course, you have to want to change.

And once you reach this point, hypnosis can be the difference between success and sustaining old, unwanted behaviour. You remain in control. You’re OK being in the perfectly natural state of trance. Importantly, you accept and understand that I have the skills to talk directly with your unconscious mind in a way which it understands and accepts. Above all else, you want the change, wanting it to happen where it’s meant to happen, which is, of course, on an unconscious level.

You can, of course continue as you are. You can maintain the unwanted behaviour and thinking for as long as you want. Further to this, you may kid yourself that it’s all too difficult and all too expensive. Alternatively, you could also take a step back and ask yourself how bad it has to get before you want to take action. If you’re at that point now, book an initial consultation here to explore what happens next. What’s the worst that can happen? And you know the answer already, don’t you?are

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