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If you believe that today is going to be a good day, how is it actually going right now?

Raindrops on a window, with a background out of focus and greyI read far too many supposedly motivational messages around the theme of today going to be a good day. This literally means that at the moment today is something other than a good day. It’s possibly an awesome day. Alternatively, it may be a terrible day. There’s the chance that it’s an exciting day. Or a quiet day. Maybe something else. Definitely something other than good. Because if something, anything, is going to happen, it means that something else is happening now.

I accept that this is possibly me being pedantic. I might even concede that it’s very pedantic. And yet, it matters. It really matters. Because as soon as we talk about what’s going to happen, we put it over there. Not here. Definitely not now. And this has a real impact on how we process that future event. It affects what our unconscious mind does with the information.

An very small island, covered in trees and surrounded by the sea.Our unconscious mind is very lazy and it’s very focussed on the now, on dealing with what’s happening now. If we tell ourselves, and therefore tell our unconscious mind, about something that’s going to happen, it kind of gets parked. For later. Possibly for ever. Because how many times do we say “some day I’ll”, that place (think about it) where dreams go to fade and die?

A picture of metal cogs, all interlinked, representing the mind in actionWhat we really want to do is engage our unconscious mind. We want this because while our conscious mind creates the plans and sets the goals, it’s our unconscious mind that makes it happen. We want, therefore, to get the unconscious mind working now. Not later. Definitely not over there. We want it now. So, let’s tell it what’s happening now. Today is a good day. it’s happening now. I’m doing it now. I’m taking the first step. And suddenly, the unconscious mind is engaged. It’s dealing with the now, with the right now. With today being a good day. With you making it happen. In the now.

So, the next time you read some motivational message about what’s going to happen, take a moment. Reframe it into now. Because you know that today is a good day. You understand that you’re making it happen. Indeed, you acknowledge that you’re knocking it out of the park. And, of course, if you’re already doing it, carry on. If you’re not sure, you’re taking the next step and booking an initial consultation here. You know that it makes sense, don’t you?

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