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Gary Burns - Coaching | Hypnosis | Training

Gary Burns
Coaching | Hypnosis | Training

Gary Burns - Coach, Hypnotist, and Trainer

As a professional coach, hypnotist, and trainer, my aim is to support you to be the change you want to be so you become the very best version of you.

I hold a profound belief that everyone is capable of change and with the right support at the right time everyone can achieve their goals.

Therefore, my commitment is to assist you professionally and affordably as you make the changes you want to make to become more and be differently.

Be the Change You Want to Be Now.

My aim is to support you to be the change you want to be with coaching, hypnosis and training as you move into a successful new model of the world. This means supporting you firstly to be the change you want to be to overcome barriers. Secondly, it’s about assisting you as you develop new skills. Above all else, it’s about showing you how to increase your understanding of yourself. And, with every step, focussing exclusively on the positives, on what you want, and all that you are. And, if you’re wondering why it’s so important to focus on the positives, read on…

Be the Positive Change You Want to be Now.

The Not A Blue Tree logo, which shows the silhouette of a white tree on a blue background, reflects the need to focus on the positives when you are the change you want to be.

If I tell you not to think of a blue tree, what’s the first thing that comes into your head? Odd, isn’t it? And we are more likely to succeed if we focus exclusively and positively on what we want.

So just take a moment and ask yourself:

What can I do to be more, to be better, to be differently?

Understanding What Your Change Is.

I’ve worked with many people who have a sense that life could be better, that life could be more. However, they have no clear idea of what needs to change or how to make change happen. This means that it can be very frustrating when you’re unsure of how to be the change you want to be. Further to this, it is even more frustrating if you know what you don’t want, as focussing on what you don’t want means that you could end up anywhere, so long as it’s somewhere that’s not the now you don’t want!

How Coaching, Hypnosis, and Training Can Help.

Coaching, combined with hypnosis, and training, is the difference between being stuck and making changes. There are techniques and tools to assess your life now. Additionally, coaching supports you as you overcome barriers to your success. This consequently assists you as you move from where you are to become the change you want to be. Of course, it all starts with a first step. So, read more about coaching and training, or book an initial consultation, or do both. Above all else, separately or together, you’re taking positive first steps towards the change you want to be. To find out more about the benefits of coaching, watch a YouTube video here.

Coaching - supporting you for the change you want.

Coaching is about creating an action plan that moves you from where you are to where you want to be.

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