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Resolving Negative Emotions.

Negative emotions are like unwelcome guests. Just because they show up on our doorstep doesn't mean they have a right to stay.

Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, and Guilt.

A stormy sky over a cityscapeThese are the big ones. These are the emotions we’re interested in when we talking about overcoming negative emotions. They’re the ones that many carry around for years. Events from the past, sometimes the very distant past, still having an impact now. And we can be incredibly good at keeping them alive. We revisit those past events. Then we get back in touch with those powerful negative emotions. Eventually, we’re seemingly back in the moment, reliving and revisiting what we previously experienced. Consequently, we add to the burden, and we allow those past events to colour our choices and experiences now. Indeed, at times those negative emotions from the past can be so powerful that we fail to see opportunities and options now.

What Do I Gain by Overcoming Negative Emotions?

A collection of hot air balloons, all about to take off on a clear, sunny day.The biggest gain is losing the blinkers that the negative emotions so effectively impose. That’s to say, we keep the emotion alive, mistakenly believing that this offers us protection. If we let go of the emotion we will somehow risk falling into the same behaviour that led to the past bad experienced. Therefore, we miss opportunities. We overlook choices. And we fail to be aware of alternatives.

The reality is very different. We can let go of the emotion and not forget what happened. We do it all of the time. Or almost all of the time. If we let go of the emotion, we gain clarity and insight. In other words, negative emotions cloud our judgment and reduce our ability to be coherent and logical about events. Unsure about this? Think about conversations you’ve had with someone in a very emotional state. How did that go? And now think about conversations you’ve had in your own head when you’re very angry or very sad or when you’re frightened. How did they go?

The Power of Time Line Therapy™.

A head made of bubbles, some of which are floating away.Time Line Therapy™ is a powerful way of dealing with unwanted negative emotions from the past. Rather than dealing with events, the process deals with the emotions. The benefits of this approach are multiple. Firstly, you avoid those painful events from the past. Secondly, because we’re dealing with emotions and doing so on an unconscious level you do not have to share anything as you do the process. Additionally, Time Line Therapy™ can be completed in a single session. Those significant events are still there. By resolving the emotion, you may see events differently. Importantly, you no longer feel hindered by the emotions. Suddenly, you’re seeing new choices and opportunities. You’re seeing your world differently.

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